Photo of three 3d Printer Projects

I have found five 3d printer projects you need to download today! These are my most favorite 3D printed files that are available for download on Thingiverse. These are definatly some cool things to 3D print. These would all make great gifts as well.

1. Designer Lithophane Moon Lamp by humphrey_b52 – 3d Printer Project

this moon lamp is amazing! Can you believe this 3D print file is completely free!? You need to get a light and make sure it is a low temp LED light. This moon is on my must-have list!

Photo of moon 3d Printer Project

2. Moon city by kijai – 3d Printer Project

I’ve seen many noobies 3D print this Moon City and it always looks so great. this is one of those 3d Printer Projects that will take some time, but will be worth it for the “awe” factor.

Photo of moon city 3d Printer Project

3. Christmas Tree Candle Mold by Highspeedfutzi – 3d Printer Projects

I don’t know how to make candle, but now I want to make them! You can follow one of my tutorials and make the cast with plaster of paris! You can make little plaster trees!

Wax mold 3d Printer Project

4. Power Tool / Drill Wall Mount by guppyk – Thingiverse

I have one of these for my hairdryer. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of this 3D printed wall mount.

3D printed wall mount holder

5. Hot Glue Gun Stand – Narrow by dkc1959 – Thingiverse

I needed this on Saturday! We made crafts with the kids and we had to constantly watch the hot glue. While the designer uses PLA, I would use a higher temp filament.

Glue Gun Holder

I hope you love these 3d Printer Projects that are on my list. Everyday more designs are released and it’s hard to sort through the projects.

Happy Printing!