Photo of inside a Cabinet drawer in bathroom

Today let’s talk about how to declutter and organize your old bathroom. Our house is from 1976. In April, I decided to give the larger of our two small bathrooms a make-over. I didn’t want to invest in a professional bathroom renovation and tear out. I used to hate this bathroom. It was gloomy and so incredibly messy. Everything was always out on the counter and always so cluttered. I choose to update the bathroom cosmetically. I used epoxy to create a newer-looking countertop, painted the walls, upgraded the hardware, painted the cabinets, bought a new shower curtain, and reorganized and decluttered the cabinets. To declutter and organize the bathroom cabinets, you must make a plan. Below are the steps I took to declutter. It is a very similar process to how I decluttered my kitchen cabinets.

1. Take everything out of the cabinets and then clean the cabinets.

2. Go thru all your things

Decide what you need to keep in the bathroom cabinets. Then toss, donate and rehome anything that does not belong.

3. Decide the layout for the cabinets that will make your life easier.

Now that you know what you need to keep in your bathroom cabinets put everything back in an order that makes sense to you. The items you use daily should be in the front and the items you use less often need to be placed towards the back.

5. Order pull-out drawers.

Measure your space to decide if you can install a pull-out drawer. By measuring the width and depth you can now choose a drawer that would work for you. You can always buy a drawer that is smaller than your dimensions, but not bigger! We used Lynx brand pull-out shelves, but the Rev-A-Shelf is a great brand if they have your size. I love the wood box-style options and you wouldn’t have to worry about items falling through the frame.

Photo of under the sink in bathroom decluttered and Organized

6. Decide if you have room to install a tip-out tray drawer or bin.

Tip-out drawers, tip-out trays or tip-out bins are excellent for unused wasted space in front of your sink. They don’t come in all sizes, so you must measure this area as well and make sure you have room for the bin. We use them for toothbrushes and toothpaste storage, but you can use them to store any small items. You will have to remove the front of the cabinet, but it isn’t really that difficult. You can get a handyman to do it if you need help. We used the Rev-A-Shelf 11 Inch Tip-Out Front Sink Tray Set since it comes with 2.

Photo of a tip out tray being used in the bathroom
Our tip-out tray.

7. Put everything back into the bathroom cabinets.

Just temporarily until you get your organizers in the email! 

8. Install your pull-out shelves and tip-out containers.

9. Decide what types of bins would fit in the pull out drawers

I love the acrylic bins and organizers. I like using clear since you can see what’s inside of the box. YOu can be unconventional too and take a trip to the Salvation Army and find great items there. Just bring your measuring tape, because you want to make sure the boxes will fit into the space. If you have a 12 inch wide by 19-inch deep slide-out shelf, it might measure 11 inches x 18inches on the inside. You will want to make sure you get boxes that will fit that space. Two 5-inch wide boxes that are 18 inches deep or four 5-inch boxes that are 9 inches deep would work for that space.

10. Order bins and boxes

11. Put everything back into place

 I took this approach to declutter and organize my bathroom. I think it’s a basic and easy process. It can feel overwhelming to start to declutter. The key is to take it room by room and break it into projects. You got this! You CAN get your bathroom looking organized and decluttered in no time!  

Good luck and happy Organizing!