Free Easter Earring download

To make your Free peeps Earrings you do need a 3D printer. I have a free gift for you! I created my first files in Tinkercad just in time for Easter! I can’t print and send them in time so I figured I would upload them to Thingiverse for you to download for free! Just print these out and you are all set for Easter! Who doesn’t love a bunny? I made a 3D file so you can print it on your home computer and have it in time for Easter. I also am sharing a 3D file for bunny earrings. You will need to buy some earring hooks for them. It’s great to have a 3D printer for last minute gifts like these. I do all my printing on one Ender 3 V2 and two Aquilas.

I made both of these designs in TinkerCad and I used Hatchbox blue mint PLA it might be too late to get that PLA on time, but you could easily use existing PLA and just use some spray paint or acrylic paint.

Download your 3D Bunny Cookie cutter – Might be helpful to make some yummy bunny cookies to go with them.

Download your 3D Earrings. I print to 40-50% scale.

Enjoy your Free peeps Earrings!

Free Easter Earring download
free Peep Bunny 3D print