Epoxy Resin Art to make STain Glass

This is a tutorial on how to create a faux stained glass look using epoxy and a 3D print. Epoxy Art is all the rage right now. This post is very similar to my previous post on How to Make Faux Stain Glass with Epoxy and a 3D print. The difference between this technique and the previous technique is that I use a polypropylene board which creates a smooth finish on the backside.

In the rose design, I used tape backing and resulted in a textured finish on one side. I also used multiple colors and I mixed the alcohol ink with the epoxy already poured in the mold. To make the Rose, I mixed the color in before I poured the epoxy. I can’t believe how nice the epoxy looks and it resembles stain glass so much. You could make so many different items using this technique. This is something to make with your 3D printer for sure. If you don’t have a printer you can purchase an outline mold from my Etsy shop. Follow the steps below or scroll down to watch the tutorial on YouTube to create Faux Stained glass using epoxy.

1. Print the mold or outline

2. Tape the mold to a polypropylene board with masking tape

3D Printed Mold for Epoxy Resin to make Stain Glass

3. Mix small amount of Epoxy for 2 minutes

4. Pour a thin layer in the mold and make sure to coat the entire bottom with Epoxy. Use a toothpick or kabob stick to get into the detailed areas

Apply Epoxy into 3D Printed Mold to make Stain Glass

5. Wait 6-12 hours

6. Mix more Epoxy

7. Pour Epoxy into mold

8. Drop color Alcohol Ink into sections of the mold and mix with toothpick.

Photo of Alcohol Dye dripping into epoxy
Apply Alcohol Dye to epoxy

9. Go over with heat gun to pop bubbles from Epoxy

10. Dry overnight 24 hours

11. Remove mold from board

Photo of Epoxy Resin Art to make Stain Glass
Finished product of epoxy Resin Art and 3D Print to make Stain Glass

I hope these steps help you to make your own 3D printed Stain Glass art.

Watch the YouTube Tutorial below