3D Printed T-Rex Mask

Yesterday’s blog post on my top 10 free designs to make for Mother’s Day had me thinking about all the other cool things that you can easily 3D print. The designs are free so all you need is a printer and some PLA! I use Hatchbox. It’s my favorite brand right now. They have good quality PLA and maybe I’m partial since they commented on my Instagram post. Anyway here are 5 cool things to 3D print today. Okay, a few prints take a bit longer since they are multiple prints combined. I do all my printing on one Ender 3 V2 and two Aquilas.

#1 Cool Things to 3D print today is this T-Rex Skull

I am going to start off with my favorite and probably coolest print we have printed to date. This 3D-printed T-Rex Skull mask is the coolest thing we own. I don’t know what we will do with it, but it’s cool and deserves the #1 spot. I think I get as many comments about the mint blue PLA as I do the mask! This print is 14 smaller prints and wood dowels and gorilla glue to hold together!

T-Rex Mask by botbreaker – Thingiverse. It’s a little hard to find in the search.

PLA Used: Mint Blue

Gorilla Glue

3D Printed T-Rex Mask

#2 Planter Mold

My favorite is by the designer Alexandre Chappel. I have used his molds in both my YouTube videos on Mixing Plaster with Polyacrylic and Mixing Plaster with Epoxy. You can reuse this mold when casting with plaster of Paris over and over again.

3D printed mold for planter by chappel – Thingiverse

PLA Used for the mold:

Plaster and Binding Polyacrylic Used.

Plaster with polyacrylic how to

#3 Among Us Crew

This 3D print of the Among Us crew is pretty cool. I have not printed this yet, but it will be on my list. If you have an Among Us fan in your life it would make a great 3D Printed gift. Seriously love this Among Us 3D Print

PLA: Use any color Hatchbox PLA

Among Us – Dead or Alive (Improved) by ShawnGano – Thingiverse

3D Printed Among Us Crew

#4 Marble Run

3D Print this Marble run Marble Machine. This is a perfect desk toy. Make one for someone at your office. It will definitely be a stress relief and also a good conversation piece.

PLA: Use any color Hatchbox PLA

The 3D Printed Marble Machine #2 by Tulio – Thingiverse

Marble Run 3D Print

I hope you liked some of these ideas and also thought they were cool 3D Prints. Let me know if you make one or two! Happy Printing!