Stain Glass Using Epoxy

This post is a tutorial that will explain how to create a faux Stained Glass usaing Epoxy and a 3D print. I will show you step by step how to create a pretty fake stained glass rose using a 3D printed outline and epoxy. This idea came from a friend who saw my 3D-printed rose and suggested that I fill it with epoxy. It was a fun project and so I created this tutorial for you. Now, you can create faux stained glass art.

Since it turned out so nicely that I had to share. Scroll down below the instructions for the YouTube video. If you like this one you need to also Check out this multicolored Stained glass technique.

Items you will need to makee faux stained glass

  1. 3D Printer
  2. PETG Filament (PLA+ will work, but we want a higher temperature filament since we will be using a heat gun)
  3. Geometric Printed Design
  4. Two Part Epoxy
  5. Alcohol Inks.
  6. Painters Tape or Masking Tape
  7. Craft Razor Knife I would also get a cutting mat

Step by Step How to make stain glass with Epoxy

  1. Print out the 3D printed Geometric Shape. I used this design: Customizable Origami Rose by mightynozzle – Thingiverse
  2. Then, determine how much Epoxy you will need. If you are using another design you can measure how much you will need by setting the mold on a tray and pouring water in it 1 oz at a time until you fill the mold.
  3. Tape the back of the shape with painters tape. Make sure that the tape that is layered or overlapping is flat and that there are no opening gaps between the piece. I suggest using a wide tape.
  4. Measure out the Two Part Epoxy. Since this geometric heart printed at full scale would need 4 oz of Epoxy. 2oz hardener and 2oz Resin.
  5. Next, mix the epoxy for 2 minutes.
  6. Add alcohol Ink to the mix. The more dye you use the deeper and richer the color. I would mix one drop in at a time until you get the color you want.
  7. Pour the Epoxy into the mold. try and try not to overpour.
  8. Use a heat gun and go over the top of the mold start far away like 10 inched and bring it closer to the epoxy and you will see the bubbles come to the top. It is okay to skip this step, but you will have more air bubbles in the final product. You coudl try and use a hair dryer, but I would make sure it’s on low.
  9. After about 10 min go over again with heat gun
  10. Let Epoxy sit 24 hours
  11. Remove tape
  12. Then, trim the edges if any epoxy leaked under the mold.
  13. Done!

You can make a small hole at the top and slide a pretty string for a window ornament ( high temp filament is needed). This would make an excellent 3D-printed Christmas Ornament. You can also frame it in a frame.

The options are really endless. You could even make your own Tiffany-inspired lampshade using this process and then gluing the pieces together. I hope you enjoyed the post and you can watch the Youtube below if you want guided instruction. Just note that In my video tutorial I did not follow the correct steps listed in this blog. Happy Printing!