USB Organizer

You need this cell phone charging organization. I struggle with keeping my house organized. Who doesn’t love the look of a well-organized home? When I don’t have a system in place I fail. My house appears messy and disorganized when there are cords being seen. While technology is amazing the cords and wires seem to be everywhere. I am on a mission to try and maintain a more organized and clean house and cord storage and hiding are at the top.

I found this storage solution for cell phones and tablets. IT IS AMAZING! I seriously LOVE this item. It’s an organizer and charging station. It has changed our life. No more cords in the kitchen as this station is neatly tucked on a table by the couch. It is USB compatible. While it comes with cables you can buy more with different ends. For example, we have a few cords for our iPhones, iPads and then we have some that are USB-C for the Android phones and my headphones and kindle. I just saw they now have the option of the smartwatch holder. Seriously buy these now! They have saved my house from being overrun with cords and it also is a great cell phone charging organization to dock your phones when the family has had enough screen time.