Photos of mop gnomes made in this tutorial. photo of the Supplies needed for the mop gnome. Glue stick, mop head, tree, sock, rubberband

How cute are these simple mop Christmas gnomes? Can you believe they were only $7 to make? Follow my quick and easy steps to make these cute mop gnomes. Amazon and dollar store find. This craft is really easy and kids as young as 5 can make these with little assistance. It would be an excellent scout project or classroom project. Hot glue would only be needed for the nose.

This is a photo of two gnomes made out of a mop

1. First Gather Supplies

You will need the following:

2. Optional – Decorate the cone

If you purchased a cone that already has decor like garland or fabric you won’t need to further decorate it. If you have a plain cone you will have to decorate the whole cone with mop hair or you can spray paint it gold, red, or green and roll in glitter.

3. After you have the supplies ready cut the mop head yarn at the seam.

Pro-tip. Use good scissors. I highly recommend Cutco scissors or meat cutters. This yarn is THICK. Teachers or parents of young kids would want to precut before they start the project with the kids.

Supplies needed for the mop gnome

4. Lay the cut yarn pieces along the tree and halfway and wrap with rubber band

You can go all the way around the tree for a full mop gnome (the gnome above with the red sock hat). If you only want only the gnome beard only grab about as much yard you want for the beard. Make sure that the bottom half of the cone is sufficiently covered with yarn. Wrap with the rubberband twice around twice.

This is a photo of a mop showing how and where to place the rubberband

5. Align the tree upright

Now that the tree is upright you can adjust and make the beard look neater.

6. Next add the wooden nose

This will need hot glue.

Photo of gray Mop Gnome

7. Add the sock hat

Place the sock right on top of the gnome and pull it down around so that the sock touches the top of the yarn. If you chose to only do the beard pull it down to cover the rubber band. If you are a teacher or leader the next steps are completely optional. Tie the top of the sock into a knot.

8. Optional- Glue the hat

Glue the sock to the cone and nose. this is an optional step.

9. Optional- Trim beard and Glue

Trim around the bottom to make the beard neat. You can even shape the mustache area.

That’s it! Super easy tutorial on how to make these simple cute mop Christmas gnomess for only $7. I hope you loved it. If you need any more Christmas ideas be sure to check out my other posts on 3D printed gift ideas. These make such great Christmas gifts.

Happy Crafting!