Photo of a few 3D Printed Teachers Gifts

By popular demand, I found more free 3D Printed Gifts for Teachers. It seems like everyone is searching for a good gift for their teachers. It is a great way to show that you care. I suggest gifting the teacher a gift certificate along with the 3D printed gift. Check out my other 5 ideas for 3D printed gifts for teachers. I think your teachers would be happy with these.

1. Christmas paper craft like scene lamp[stp included] by Kungchuren – Thingiverse

I love a diorama. The Christmas scene light is unique and would be a great 3D printed CHristmas gift for your teacher.

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Diroma

2. Christmas tree decoration LED candle cover – xmas light by Locke_One – Thingiverse

Don’t use a real candle in this 3D printed Christmas tree tea light. Get an LED tea light and this will make a great gift for your teacher!

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Tree Tea LIght

3. Sitting kodama ornaments by nagmay – Thingiverse

This guy is the only “non-CHristmas” themed gift on my list. The Kodamas are so cute though and will make a great gift for anyone this Christmas. 3D print Kodama out and then coat with some nail polish for a smooth finished look.

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Kodama

4. Small Jointed Reindeer by Shira – Thingiverse

These are adorable 3D-printed gifts that would make a great gift for a teacher! You can paint the details with nail polish to get a shimmery look!

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Reindeer

5. Snowman by mjmedien – 3D Printed Christmas gift for teachers

Low poly snowman makes a unique 3D printed gift for teachers!

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Snowman

6. Sleigh christmas card kit 3d print by shink – Thingiverse

Some assembly is required! THis 3D p[rinted gift to your teacher will require your kid to assemble.

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Sleigh and Reindeer

7. Christmas Cuddling Owls by Niklos – Thingiverse

These owls are so cute! Be sure to fill them in with some color! THis is a great 3D printed gift for teachers or it even makes a great gift for mom.

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Owl gift for teacher

8. SANTA CLAUS’S REINDEER Lowpoly – by Objoy Creation by leformat – Thingiverse

Another low poly design. Low poly is a modern look and makes a great abstract 3D printed gift.

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Reindeer

9. Simple Santa by JMack3y – Thingiverse

hey Santa! How about a 3D printed Santa. Print him in white PLA and paint him in with Sharpies!

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Santa

10. Wall deco Santa with Reindeer by Thomsson – Thingiverse

Super elegant and simple 3D printed Santa, Santa’s sleigh, and Reindeer silhouette.

Photo of 3D Printed Christmas Silhouette

I hope you got some inspiration on what to 3D print next. If you are looking for some other ideas, please check out my other gift-giving posts and check out my favorite 3D printed Christmas gifts for mom!

Happy Printing!