The Best 3D Printed Christmas Gifts for Mom

Are you looking for 3D Printed Christmas Gifts for Mom? Time for you to start the last-minute 3D printed Christmas gifts. Hurry up! Amazon Prime you can get the right filament sent to you in time for printing! Here are my favorite 3D printed Christmas Gift ideas for mom. Print them this year for Christmas!

3D Printed Earrings make a great gift for mom

These 3D printed gifts for mom take less than an hour to print. The only issue is you must buy earring hooks. No problem, Amazon or your local craft store saves the day! Check out these 3 designers I found on Thingiverse. These files are free to download.

3D printed Succulant Planters for mom

Succulent plants are a great 3D printed gift since they are fairly simple to print. Just run to your local flower shop to grab a succulent or buy a fake one here or a real one here! Print out a few as they will make a great 3D printed gift for grandma, mom, sister, wife, or your kid!

3D Printed Ring Holders

These 3D-printed ring holders are adorable and make a simple and thoughtful gift for mom.

3D Printed Vase gift for mom

I LOVE 3D-printed vases! This makes a great 3D Print for mom. Make sure to give her fresh flowers with it! I suppose you could print the flowers!

3D Printed Jewelry Organizer Gift for mom

Some moms love jewelry. If she doesn’t have a fabulous jewelry organizer and needs something small, this 3D gift idea is perfect.

Lithophane 3D Printing

The best 3D printed gift for mom is a 3D printed Lithophane. These 3D prints are backlight with your choice of light. You can make a sphere or a square. The options are endless. Start by checking out this page. They have a full guide on making a great Llithophane and even have a free service that converts your image to a printable file. Just remember to pick a really clear image without lots of detail and use a low temp PLA. Check out the heart box you can make and put the Lithos inside. These are the BEST 3D printed gifts for mom.

Heart Lithophane Lamp by bath96 – Thingiverse

Good luck and if you want to check out some other 3D gift ideas please check out this post: