T-Rex SKull

It’s almost the end of the school year and what better way to show your teacher you appreciate them than with a 3D printed gift? These are the best 3D printed gifts for teachers and are free designs from Thingiverse. The best thing about Thingiverse is that the designs are free, but the worst is that there are SO many designs it’s hard to narrow things down. For you, I have selected my top 10 picks for gifts for your teacher that can be 3D printed in no particular order. Hint: My favorite idea is the last one! I do all my printing on one Ender 3 V2 and two Aquilas.

#1 3D printed Sharpie Holder.

This 3D-printed Sharpie holder is brilliant. Fill it with some sharpies for an added touch. This is a gift all teachers would love.

3D Printed Sharpie Organizer Gift for Teacher

#2 3D Printed Apple Tree gift for Teachers

Forget about the apple, give a little low-maintenance 3D Printed apple tree!

3D Printed Apple Tree Gift for Teachers

#3 White Board Dry Eraser Marker organizer

A 3D printed White Board Dry Eraser Marker organizer. Can you tell that I love some organization? I know most teachers would appreciate a little help with organization.

3D Printed Gift for Teachers Dry Erase Organizer

#4 iPhone cable organizer

A 3D Printed iPhone cable organizer. Super cute and functional 3D print for your favorite teacher.

3D Printed Gift Idea for Teachers Cable Organizer

#5 3D Printed Tripod.

Do you know how hard it is to upload videos on you solving problems for your kid’s class? Make the web tutorials easier by printing this phone tripod. I have this tripod and I love it. I switched the bottom out for flexible legs and I use it all the time. You can even print the flexible legs!

3D Printed Gift Ideas for Teacher gifts 3D printed Tripod

#6 3D Printed wall mount flower pot

A 3D Printed flower pot. This 3D-printed wall mount would be perfect for any teacher. How cute would this be in an elementary classroom?

3D Printed Gift Ideas for Teacher Wall Flower pot

#7 3D Printed Greenhouse

Okay, this might be my favorite idea. This would be perfect for a science teacher or an elementary school teacher that loves science. I may have to print this out and gift it to my kid’s 1st-grade teacher! This would take a little more time to set up, but it’s so cool and educational! I wonder if I can print this larger and make a dome for my backyard…hmm

3D Printed Greenhouse 3D Printed Gift Ideas for Teacher

#8 3D Printed Flowers

3D Printed flowers. These roses are so simple and sweet.

3D Printed Gift Ideas for Teacher

#9 3D Printed Geometric Dinosaur

3D Printed Geometric Dinosaur. Love this dinosaur, but if you want a more feminine look you could always do the geometric rose! Add some personal touch by adding in some green epoxy. Follow my tutorial on how to fill it with Epoxy here or mount it on a white picture frame!

3D Printed Geometric Design Dinosaur for teacher gift

#10 3D Printed T-Rex SKull

Last, but certainly not least my favorite 3D printed teacher gift is this 3D printed T-Rex Skull replica! This is seriously a great gift and will show off your 3D printing skills. How cool would this look in a metallic silver or bronze filament? I think you will need to print two because there is a chance you will want one for yourself!

3D T-Rex Skull by Makerbot makes the perfect 3D Printed teacher gift

I hope you agree that these make the Best 3D printed gifts for Teachers. If you want more gift ideas check out my top 10 3D printed gift ideas for mom or my top 5 cool 3D prints to print for more gift ideas. Hopefully, you will find the perfect thing to print! Happy Printing!