3D Prints for girls

I am sharing my top 10 prints for girls. I know many parents have 3D printers and want to get their daughters involved with 3D printing. Here are my top 10 favorite 3D prints designs for girls for you to now print! I do all my printing on one Ender 3 V2 and two Aquilas.

Unicorn Pencil Holder

I have to have a unicorn as one of my favorite 3D prints for girls. It’s functional AND it’s a unicorn! Yes, please. Cute Unicorn Pencil Case by photopasta_3d – Thingiverse

Unicorn Pencil Holder is the PERFECT 3D Print for a little girl!

Wearable Cat Headbands

I know a few of my childhood memories involved me pretending to be a cat. Help a girl out with these cute cat headband. Very easy print and would be purr-fect for a beginner printer. See what I did there? Ge the file here: Wearable Cat Ears Hair Band – rigid and flexible options by Jimbotron – Thingiverse

Flexible mini Octapus Print

Show off your 3D printing skills wiith this very popular 3D octapus print. Every kid in her class will want one and you will soon be printing these for all the neighborhood kids! Get the file here: Cute Mini Octopus by McGybeer – Thingiverse

3D printed Octopus is a great 3D print for all kids

Flexible Pangolin

This is such a fun and cute print. Would look even cuter in pink, or teal or rainbow! This Pangolin woudl make a great 3D print for girls. Download your free design here: Save pangolins by amaochan – Thingiverse

3D printed pangolin makes a great 3D print for all kids

Chainmail Bracelet

This is a cute print and would work well with Rainbow filament. Get the 3D file here: Chainmail bracelet – improved by gpvillamil – Thingiverse

3D Printed Bracelet for girls

3D printed Adorable Panda Geometric Wall Art

Look how cute this panda 3D printed art is! This would look great on the wall or follow my Epoxy tutorial and use white epoxy to make a 3D Printed stained glass window! You could even shrink it down add earing hooks and have a cute pair of earrings. Get the design here: Panda Wall Sculpture 2D by UnpredictableLab – Thingiverse

3D printed panda is a great easy 3D print for all kids

Cute stacking LInklings

I am not sure what these guys are, but they are adorable. These would make a great 3D printed toy for girls. Looks like hours of fun printing and then playing! Get the free 3D print design here: Linklings by Davision3d – Thingiverse

Linklings make a great and easy 3D print for girls

Squishy Turtles

These squishy turtles are a simple quick print that will be a great 3D print for a girl or boy. Get the file here: Squishy Turtle by jakejake – Thingiverse

3D Printed Turtle gift for girls

3D Printed Flexible Cat

This flexible cat is a super cute 3D print for girls. There are other animals avaibvle on Thingiverse, but again my memories of being small and cats are strong. Get the file to download your free 3D print file here: Flexi Cat by feketeimre – Thingiverse

Flexible Cat 3D print for girls

I hope this post gave you some ideas on what to print for the little girl in your life. The last two would also make great 3D printed gifts for birthday parties or to hand out at school on Valentine’s day or a holiday. Happy Printing!!