Photo of Filacube the Best PLA filament

After many 3D printing projects I can now share what my opinion is the best filament for 3d printing. I first think PLA is the best type of filament, but if you want to learn more about the different options of filament click here. PLA is easy to use and non-toxic. It does have a lower melting point than other types of filament making it not ideal for outdoor use or dishwasher safety. This is great filament to get started with if you are new to 3D printing. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

After many months of 3D printing I have bought most name brands and my favorite and best filament is Filacube.

The quality of the material never lets me down and it pairs incredibly well with my Ender 3. Click here to order your Ender 3 today!

So what determined my choice on Filacube:

  • This filament brand has NEVER tangled on me
  • Opaqueness of the PLA is great (Their white PLA is not translucent)
  • Quality control of the PLA is great.
  • Vast color selection of PLA filament
  • Shipping is quick either directly from Filacube or Amazon
  • Discount for orders over 10 spools
  • Higher temperature rating than most competitor brands

I hope you found this review on the brand Filacube for PLA helpful and if you are on the fence on a filament, I would highly recommend Filacube. Click here to check out my Top Ten Free 3D Printed Christmas Gifts that Moms Love.

Photo of Filacube Filament