Photos of 3D printed gnome and santa

The top 10 3D printed Christmas toys you can find free on Thingiverse this year. I tried to keep these ideas to prints that take under 24 hours to actually print. I hope you find this post useful. Tell me in the comments what you printed. These toys are not for kids under 3 and you have to read the description of each toy. Before you can start, be sure you have your printer up and running and the best PLA on hand.

#1 3D printed Elf, Santa and Reindeer Christmas Toys by BQEducacion

First up is Santa and friends. How adorable are these 3D-printed Christmas toys? 3D printed elf, Santa, and reindeer! This collection will guarantee to be a winner with the family. These guys are super cute and would make a great teacher gift as well! Print these and then paint them! I highly suggest painting to give it extra pizzazz!

3D printed Santa and elf and reindeer toys

#2 Cute Little Polar Bears (Winter 2) by takman29

How about 25 little polar bears one for each day of Advent? Yes, please! Print 25 of these little polar bears to make Advent gifts and gift a 3D printed CHristmas toy each day of Advent! Search up the designer and you will see more polar bears! Decide how many you want and research to see if you want to print any additional accessories and then get to printing!

3D printed Christmas polar bear toys

#3 Jumbo Christmas – Santa Claus by HowardB

Take a look at this “Lego” inspired Santa that you can 3D print. What kid wouldn’t want this Santa under the tree? Decide how big you want to make this Santa, load up on PLA, and then print!

3D printed Santa toy

#4 3D Printed Santa and Rudolf Automata by monsterfoot

Oh, hello there Santa. This set has a Rudolf that can actually move his legs. This is definitely a 3D CHristmas gift that I want! Better yet this file is free to download. Go and download the free design on Thingiverse and let me know how you like it!

3D printed Santa with sleigh toy

#5 Snowman Family by mathcraft

I love the modern look of low-poly (think geometric) designs. This modern snowman family makes a great Christmas gift that you can 3D print. Add family members and customize the snowman to your family! I love this designer’s style! First, decide how many you are going to print, download the file, make your modifications and print your CHristmas toys.

3D printed snowman family low poly toy

#6 Snowball Maker by walter

THis 3D-printed mold to make snowballs is the perfect Christmas gift! I am making a few as gifts for my kids and their cousins! Print the molds, gift them and enjoy watching an epic snowball fight on Christmas morning!

3D printed snowball maker toy

#7 Snappy The Cristmas Elf REPAIRED by junak8

Adorable simple elves are a great 3D printed gift for Christmas. You can scale up or down depending on your elf preferences. I love the simple and classic look of this design. I think these would pass as 3D-printed gnomes. ELf or gnome, this makes a great Christmas gift. Make sure you have the color PLA you need and then print!

3D printed gnomes or elves toy

#8 Christmas Reindeer kit card by tone001 – Thingiverse

This 3D-printed reindeer kit makes a wonderful Christmas gift. It’s great because it can be easily sent in the mail with your CHristmas cards! What a great way to show off your 3D printing skills while spreading Christmas cheer! If you have a 3D printing business, this would be a great way to market to your family and friends. Bonus, this card can also be laser cut with your laser cutter. Send these cards out, then wait to hear how much your friends loved these!

3D printed Reindeer puzzle toy

#9 Elf Door – Tonttuovi by Filamall – Thingiverse

The 3D-printed elf door is genius! How else can your Elf on the Shelf transport to the Northpole? I think this needs to be renamed to the “Elf Portal.” Print this portal and then watch the wonder in your kids eyes!

3D printed elf door toy

#10 Reindeer toy by commons_factory – Thingiverse

Last is this cute little reindeer toy that you can 3D print for CHristmas. I picked this toy out because it is a great newbie print and still looks great. This could be printed super fast and you can have a herd of reindeer in no time flat!

3D printed Reindeer toy

I hope you found this post helpful in deciding what toys to 3D print for CHristmas. All these ideas would make great gifts. All the photos were from the original designer linked in the posts. If you did not find the 3D-printed gift you were looking for, go check out these other posts to see if they could help! After you print a few of these toys out, send me feedback!

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Happy Printing my friends!