3D Printed Valentines Day Gifts for her

Valentine’s Day is next month and that only gives you a few weeks to make 3D printed valentines gifts. I collected some great gift ideas that have their SVG files for free on Thingiverse. I hope you like what I picked out for you to print. Please note the links to Amazon are affiliate links.

3ED Printed Carved stone Vase

This 3D printed carved stone vase makes a perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. I love the modern look of this vase. This would be great with a stone filament or a matte color. Check out this stone filament and this matte color. I never used the brand Polymaker, but I do love that matte look. It almost looks like it is made out of clay. If you use this kind of filament, would you drop me a note? I would love to hear more about it!

3D Printed Apple watch Holder and stand

A 3D Printed Apple Watch dock was the first gift that my husband printed for me. He printed it 3 years ago and I still have it on my nightstand. This would make a great gift for your girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s day. It’s also a very quick print, so it’s great for a last-minute valentines day gift! Mine is a white filament, but this would look great in copper!

KitchenAid Attachment Organizer and hanger 3D Printed

I am a person who appreciates a thoughtful gift that is useful. I also struggle to keep organized and I love an organized house. I would love a 3D printed useful gift like this KitchenAid attachment organizer. If she doesn’t own a KitchenAid Mixer, I suggest gifting her own with these attachment organizer hangers. You can buy these on Etsy, but if you have a 3D printer you should definitely be printing these!

3D Printed Sugar Jar

How cute is this little sugar jar? This is such a cute gift to 3D print for her. I would use a matte PLA for this and I would also seal the inside of this jar.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

I love the idea of recycling a wine bottle for a bird feeder. Buy her an expensive bottle of her favorite type of wine and include this 3D printed bird feeder modification to make a bird feeder after the bottle is finished. I recommend using PETG Filament material since this will be outside and exposed to high temperatures. Please remember to consistently refill the bird feeder as the bird feeder because a habit and the birds expect to find food here.

Test tube vase and holder

This modern vase makes the best 3D printed Valentine’s Day gift for her. You just need to order some test tubes from Amazon. I am not sure what size test tube would fit into this vase, so double-check the measurements before you buy the vases. I would print this in silk or metallic for a real modern vibe. Print in a stone PLA for a more classic look.

3D Printed Wine Accessories for Valentines Day Gift

These 3D printed balancing wine bottle holders. These SVG files create such unique gifts for Valentine’s day. I think I like the wavey one best, but the curved one is also so clean and modern looking. She will love this if she is a wine drinker.

Balanced Wine Holder by gimrim – Thingiverse

SMiling flowers 3D Printed pot

This little flower pot holds 4 little smiling flowers. This little gift makes such a great gift.

Modern Minimalist 3D Printed Vase

Flowers are always a great gift for valentine’s Day and this 3D printed vase will be the perfect accessory to hold a few pretty flowers picked up from the local florist.

Mid Century Modern Lamp

I think I will post an article on all the great 3D printed lights that are available for free download. I can’t believe how many lights and lamps there are to choose from. Out of all of them, I think this one is the nicest I saw. I love mid-century modern and it’s all the rage right now. This will make a perfect gift for your significant other for Valentines Day

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