One of the best thing about 3D printing is the creativity you see from people. 3D printing really can showcase peoples talent. It really encompasses science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Technology is art. Inspiring and motivating. There isn’t another craft quit like it. Highlighting the good things people are doing in this space and talent they have is important. This brings me to my first creative 3D designer post about DaveMakesStuff. You can find him on Instagram where he posts photos of his original designs. You can also check out his YouTube Channel

I think what drew me to Dave’s work was the geometric shapes and the repeating artistic patterns of his unique designs. His artwork reminds me of an exhibit at the MET (better than some there!) His style is organic geometric, similar to what you would find in nature. Perfectly imperfect. Unconventional, modern and beautiful.

Dave is generous to post his creations on Thingiverse for free. You can print a copy of his original 3D art. Take a look yourself! Below are some of my favorites, but I honestly struggled picking out just a few! Check out all his files on Thingiverse here

Ten Minimal Surface Eggs by DaveMakesStuff – Thingiverse

Dave Makes Stuff Photo of science related egg design Creative 3D Designer

Full Size Anatomically-Correct 18-Piece Magnetic Human Skull Model by DaveMakesStuff – Thingiverse

Mini Articulating Spine Keychain by DaveMakesStuff – Thingiverse

Minimal Surface Fruit Bowl by DaveMakesStuff – Thingiverse

Creative 3D Designer vase

Fingerbone Windchime by DaveMakesStuff – Thingiverse

BOne Chandelier 3D printed

Polychora Pots by DaveMakesStuff – Thingiverse

Creative 3D Designer bowl

Hip and Pelvis Model by DaveMakesStuff – Thingiverse

Caffeine Fidget Molecule by DaveMakesStuff – Thingiverse

Knot a Vase by DaveMakesStuff – Thingiverse

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