Free 3D Print Files STL

Free STL Files To Print That Will Help Keep You Organized

New year, time to clean and organize your house! I have found the best free STL Files to print that will help keep you organized. All these prints are available on Thingiverse and are free to download for personal use. If you really love a design please tip the designer! We will start in the hallway and main areas, go towards the bathroom, then the kitchen, and end in the garage or workshop areas. Check out my top picks for the free STL files to help you organize your home! I hope this inspires you to check out more organizing prints. Let me know your favorite 3D printed organizer! Be sure to check out my Home Organization categories and get inspired to organize your home!

Free Key organizer File

This key organizer is great and you can resize it to fit your needs. Very classic and clean looking. Print this free STL file by Thomas R today.

STL file to organize your cords

Cords for USB are so difficult to keep organized. this USB cord organizer is a simple solution for your office to get your cords off of the floor and easily accessible.

make up brush Free STL File

I Love this simple makeup brush organizer.

Toothbrush and toothpaste bathroom caddy STL Files

Bathroom organizing is fun after it’s done. I love these organizers for the bathroom. The second design has a removable cup for easy washing.

Free STL File to print to organize your cords

As we move into the kitchen we have larger cords. Kitchenaid Mixers, Air fryers, crackpots. This cord winder file will make storage much cleaner and easier.

3D Printed Can and Beverage Organizer STL File is free for download

In the fridge, this can caddy and organizer is so useful to free up space in the fridge. Download this free STL file and get to 3D print!

STL file for bag and wraps in panty doors

Getting boxes on a door is a simple way to free up space in a cabinet and make use of wasted space. Download these files and print these 3D Printed Storage organizers for the pantry.

Free STL file to 3D print a tupperware or snapware lids organizer

Plasticware can take over a drawer. A easy way to organize plasticare is to store verticle. the issue with that is it needs to be held in that position. This organizer makes the lids easier to access. 3D printed organizers are the way of the future of a modern home.

rubbermaid and ziplock circle lid organizers 3D print files

Same as above, but this 3D Print is for round lids that work for Rubbermaid and ziplock bowl style plasticware.

Free Organizer Design for drawer organizing STL files

Time to attempt to organize your utensil drawers with this 3D printed drawer organizer. Modular design and you can resize to fit your needs. Download this free STL file and make practical use of your 3D printer

STL file for Tea Bag Organizing

DO you have a tea drinker in your home? Print these 3D teabag organizers to neatly organize your teabags! This STL file is free to download.

Organizing your garage tools free STL file for Organizing your Pliers

The garage is a nightmare to organize! SO many tools. If you are like my father you have over 20 pairs of pliers. This 3D printed drawer organizer helps keep your pliers separated for easy viewability and access. I love this file and will be printing this for my dad for his birthday.

Work Station Organizer Free STL File

This 3D STL file makes a practical workstation caddy. This stores the tools upright and gives lots of options for storing a variety of items.

Pegboard organizer STL Files

If you have a pegboard organization workbench as we do, then you will love these little tool holders. The free 3D STL file works to print little modern boxes that work well with a pegboard.

Hope you have been inspired to organize and use your 3D printer for practical uses!

Happy Printing!