Photo of How to Level a 3D Printer Bed

This post will show you how to level an Ender 3d printer. A level bed is crucial to a good print. I have a bag of misprints that has proven this to be true. If you find that your 3D print is not sticking to the bed and the temperature set properly then it might be because of an unlevel bed. My step-by-step video is showcasing an Ender 3 printer, you can use the instructions to level most personal 3D printers.

I upgraded the bed to a glass bed a few weeks ago. We noticed that the PLA wasn’t sticking and we were leveling the bed more than we wanted. We have found the glass bed with hairspray helps reduce the amount of time we need to level it. I would suggest making sure you level your bed after each large print or 40 hours of printing.

1: Download and save a “test” Print that will verify the bed is level. We use this one on Thingiverse.

2: Press the knob down >> Main Menu >> Prepare >> Preheat PLA

3: Go to Main Menu >> Prepare >> Auto Home

4: Main Menu >> Prepare >> Disable Steppers (this allows you to move the nozzle and plate freely

5: Paper test the bottom left corner. Paper should be able to be placed underneath, yet bunch up if pushed. Watch the YouTube video. If the paper slides too easily it will need to be raised. On the Ender 3 turn the wheel right (clockwise) and to lower the bed turn left (counter clockwise). Remember Left makes it loose and right makes it tight

6: Paper Test the bottom right corner. Remember Left=Loose | Right = Tight

7: Paper Test the top right corner. Remember Left=Left=Loose | Right = Tight

8: Paper test the top left corner. Remember Left=Loose | Right = Tight – You will remember that I’m sure. Just like a screw. Lefty loosey, righty tighty

9: Repeat steps 5-8 since the other corners might have been shifted during the other adjustments

10: Print the test print and monitor for lifting, dragging or no touch. Since this print continues to print, you can adjust while it’s printing and you don’t have to restart the print.

If your print is not sticking to the bed please make sure to check out my post on how to get your print to stick to the bed.

Good luck in leveling your 3D printer. I hope this step by step instructional post helps and if not please watch the video below. Happy Printing!