Photo of projector screen in a Backyard Home Theatre

Two summers ago my husband made an outdoor screen projector. It was thrifty, creative and pretty ingenious. I say thrifty, but after we bough the projector and the speaker it wasn’t too cheap. The whole set up was less than $1,500. Making this projector screen took some time, but the end results made a backyard theater we enjoyed all summer.

This project is modular and can be disassembled for the winter months. This makes it great for easy storage. He made the projector screen from PVC pipes, grommets, elastic cords and reflective fabric. We splurged on a great projector (not waterproof, so we have to store it indoors) and an amazing outdoor speaker. My husband put so much work into the screen that we had to go with the best I could find! I did hours of research on the speaker and the projector.

This Outdoor Screen Projector helped create a backyard oasis for our family

We have the outdoor projector screen hooked up directly on out house with a bike rack pulley system. Our screen is hanging from the bike rack hooks. We can be lower the screen for easy removal. My husband also created a PVC stand. It’s not robust so you would defiantly need sand bags to prevent it from tipping in the wind! Scroll down to see more and links (affiliate) to the products used.

The Projector: BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theatre Projector. This projector has a crystal clear sharp image and even when there is daylight you can watch on the screen. The quality of this projector is amazing. It is a perfect to use for your Outdoor Screen Projector, but bring it inside when not in use. It’s also under $1,000. Hours of research well spent.

The Speaker: ECOXGEAR Eco Boulder Rugged Waterproof Floating Speaker. This speaker is AMAZING! I love it and we use it all the time. It’s a great speaker for camping, boating and everything outdoors. It projects the sound clear and far. It was a splurge, but since it was also waterproof we could leave this outside in the summer. Honestly 10/10.

Photo of backyard with Outdoor Screen on PVC stand.
The pool is gone and we now have a large hot tub.

Items you need for the Outdoor Screen Projector:

  • Reflective Material or Pre-made Screen (easier Choice)\
    • Grommets
    • Grommet Punch
  • PVC Pips and Connectors from hardware store
    • 4 corners
    • 4 T – Shaped (if making a stand 8 T-shapes and 2 corners)
    • PVC Glue
  • PVC Pipe Cutter or Saw
  • Bungee cords

Directions for the Outdoor Screen Projector:

  1. Determine the size of the screen you want. Directions need altering for your size.
  2. Cut the PVC Pipes so you have
    1. 6 pipes for the top. My example they are 3″ each
    1. 4 pipes for the sides and support: My example they are 5″ each
  3. Assemble the top: Corner pipe, top pipe, t-pipe, top pipe, t-pipe, corner pipe.
    1. If not doing a PVC stand assemble the bottom like the top and skip step 4
  4. Assemble the bottom: T-pipe, bottom pipe, T-pipe, bottom pipe, t-pipe, bottom pipe, T-pipe
  5. Attach the top and bottom with the 4 side and support pipes.
  6. Stretch out your fabric to verify that the measurements are correct. Make adjustments by cutting down the PVC pipes.
  7. Glue the pipes together
  8. Attach the Screen with bungee cords.
PVC Projector Screen for outdoors
Close up of the PVC outdoor Projector Screen. The supports cannot be seen when images are being projected

I hope you found this post helpful when planning out your outdoor screen projector project.