3D Printed Lights

The Best Free 3D Printed Lights and Lamps on Thingiverse

Going over my last post for Valentine’s Day I realized that there are many amazing 3D files available on Thingiverse for lights and lamps. As I was selecting the best SVG files to make 3D printed gifts I realized that I must do a post on the best lights and lamps that you can 3D print. I hope you like the selection and if you have suggestions please contact me.

3D Printed Coral Pendant Lamp

Lights, especially pendant and ceiling lights can become very expensive. When we were buying lights for our bathroom I could have easily spent $300 on two lights. I wish I would have thought of this option before I purchased my lights, but I do love my glass lights. You can print out these globes and pair it with a basic 3 light pendant. YOu can have a hardwired light for under $40 and a plug in for under $20. Check out this hard-wired pendant light from amazon or this plugin light. I would use a PETG filament and make sure to use LED lights.

Mid Century Modern 3D Printed Desk Light

I choose this 3D printed lamp for a great Valentine’s Day gift. It would make a great gift, but I want to highlight it here as well. This is such a great and modern desk light that you can 3D print yourself. I would print the base with wood filament and the lampshade in a translucent white or cream.

3D Print Mid-Centry Modern Lamp

Custom Lighted Name Lamp

This 3D printed LED Letter Lamp can be customized for any name. I will say this light is not easy. This project will take some soldering LED lighting and wiring and if that’s too much already just skip to the next light. Plenty of easy lights to make. However, the work to make this light will pay off. You can pick up the LED lights here. You could probably also use the LED tape lights to make it a little easier.

3D Printed Ring Light

Right lights and off-camera lights are a necessity for Youtubers and TikTokers. This 3D-printed ring light is a great idea. The ring lights can be rather expensive. If you have a 3D printer you should be using it to save money and print things instead of buying them. The possibilities of what to print with a 3D printer are endless. I swear 3D printing IS the future and one day everyone will have one in their home.

Mario Bros 3D printed Beside Lamp

A nostalgic lamp featuring Nintendo’s Mario Characters can be 3D printed. This lamp will take a little more time and you will want to print this out. I actually would replace the 3D-printed Mario for an action figure.

Pair this light with a White Light kit and use LED lights.

Modern 3D printed Single light Pendant

A single and simple 3D printed single pendant. Pair this with a hard-wired LED set and you can update your space on the cheap. How many people can say they 3D printed light fixtures in their house? Not many.

You can also make this a plug-in light by using the white light switch kit.

Moon Desk Light – 3D Printed lamp

A moon desk lamp is loved by everyone. This moon light is so pretty and perfect. Grab a light set, an LED lightbulb, and print this moon light tonight. Makes a great 3D printed gift for anyone! bIt’s definitely one of the coolest things to 3D print.

Hexagon 3D printed wall lights

This Hexagon wall light display can be modified to add LED Strip lights. If you have a laser cutter you could also cut the white piece out in opaque acrylic.

3D Printed Honyecomb Desk Light

Print this desk lamp and set it up with the white light kit and you will have a homemade 3D printed desk lamp for under $15!

3D Printed Wire Frame Pendant

There is a vast selection of 3D printed lamps and lights available on Thingiverse. It was hard to narrow my selection. The last one of the lights that I think needs to be featured in this modern wireframe pendant.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have some lamps that you want to print in your queue. Printing a few lights instead of buying a new light could save you enough money that you actually SAVE money by your 3D printer. A 3D printer is a great investment.

Happy Printing!