Free Mothers' Day 3D Prints

I have found the best 3D printed Mother’s Day gift. Mothers’ Day is right around the corner so it’s time to pre-heat your PLA and get to printing the perfect mothers’ Day gift. I did you a favor and went thru all the amazing free prints on Thingiverse and narrowed it down to the top 10.

Top 10 3D Printed Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Designs are free! I do all my printing on one Ender 3 V2 and two Aquilas.

1. Mother and Child 3 D Printed Wood Sculpture. Mother and Child by edcorusa – Thingiverse.

Perfect when printed on the wood filament. Perfect gift for new mothers.

2. Mother and Child 3 D printed Modern Sculpture Mother’s Day Sculpture by MakePrintable – Thingiverse.

Similar to the previous sculpture, but a more modern Flare. Perfect to print with black or copper filament.

Sculpture 3D printed gift for mom

3. Gorgeous Vase printed in VASE mode.

This would look amazing in a clear PLA or wood filament. Spiral Vase by Yllonnoce – Thingiverse

Make a cute vase 3D printed gift for mom

4. A cute little planter with a succulent.

You probably should buy a real succulent to place in this gift. Low Poly Octagonal Planter – Remix by JoBoUM – Thingiverse I would choose white PLA for this.

Free 3D Printed planter for mom

5. Cute and simple earrings

Earrings by Syzguru11 – Thingiverse But you must buy some earring hooks for them here. These are the ones I use. Sterling silver. I would choose to print with this trendy Mint Blue PLA. I just LOVE this mint blue.

Free 3D Printed Earrings for mom

6. Framed Geometric Rose Print

This is my favorite gift idea. It might be the best 3D Printed gift idea for your mom or wife! You will need to frame it, but it’s just so cool! Customizable Origami Rose by mightynozzle – Thingiverse. These frames on Amazon would be ideal. You can buy 4 and make a few for gifts for other moms in your life! Honestly, I love this print so much I may have to make myself one.

3D Printed gift idea for mom Customizable Origami Rose by mightynozzle – Thingiverse.

7. Lego Bouquet

This really cute and clever Lego-style Bouquet! Large Brick Flower (alternative version) by glx0711 – Thingiverse. Perfect 3D Printed gift from a Lego-loving son or daughter to their mom. Be sure to use a good black PLA for this design. Be sure to print these and place them in her hands!

Lego Inspired boutiques are the perfect 3D printed mother’s day gift

8. Mother of Dragons eggs

I love this dragon egg inspired by Game of Thrones. Print these and then give them to her!! This would work well as a gift for any GOT fans in your life. Tiny Dragon Egg Box by GreyFluffs – Thingiverse. Make sure to use some metallic PLA for these

9. Apple Charging DOck

One of my husband’s first 3D printed gifts to me was an apple watch charging dock. I use it to this day. I thought this charging station would make a perfect mothers’ Day gift to the iPhone apple mom. Apple QI Charging Dock – Watch, AirPods, iPhone by Giga23 – Thingiverse. A White PLA should work nicely.

3D Printed Charging station makes a great gift for the tech mom

10. Spice Rack

This Spice rack gift needs to be assembled and installed as part of the gift. Print this out and then assemble it for here! If your mom or wife’s kitchen needs some organization or she complains about her spices not being organized, this could make her pleasantly surprised. If I were you I would print these and then organized the spices for her. You can thank me later when she opens her cabinets and tears of happiness stream down her face as she sees her spices neatly organized and easy to access and see. Seriously all I dream about is cabinet organization! Spice Holder Kania (Lidl) Glass by MouZ304 – Thingiverse. You can use A White PLA or even wood filament.

SO there you have it. My top 10 picks for free 3D printed gifts for Mother’s Day. All are available for download on Thingiverse. I hope this post gave you some great ideas for the perfect 3D Printed gift for your mom, wife sister, or even dad for Mothers’ Day. I hope you liked my suggestions and find one that would be perfect for your mom. You still have time.

If you are looking for a gift for your teacher check out my other post on gifts for teachers!

Happy Printing!

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