Laser printed Christmas ideas

Do you need some Christmas or holiday ideas for laser-cut gifts this Christmas? If so I have collected my top 5 FREE, yes FREE (thank you Thinnkigverse) that you can download and use to laser cut.

#1 Laser-cut flat-pack Christmas tree by usedbytes – Thingiverse

I am starting the list for the best laser cut Christmas gifts with this tree. Mail this adorable laser-cut Christmas tree to your friends! I really love the concept of a puzzle gift like this. Laser cut this on a thin piece of wood and then mail it to your friends and family! What a great way to showcase your laser cutting skills.

#2 Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornament by joseanes – Thingiverse

This laser-cut 3D ornament looks so elegant in acrylic! YOu will need to print this one in acrylic.

#3 Thing files for Laser cut layered Christmas ornament by njeff – Thingiverse

I just love a diorama. There is just something about them. In Mexico, they have so many dioramas and I could look at them for hours!

#4 Mounted Deer / Reindeer Head by phenoptix – Thingiverse

My 4th favorites are these cute little laser-cut reindeer heads. I don’t want Santa’s reindeer decapitated and mounted on display, but when the reindeer is laser cut in wood it makes it cute.

#5 Microscope with iPad attachment by ZombieCat – Thingiverse

This might be the best Christmas gift to laser cut. The issue is you need to have an iPad to attach to it. Seriously though a Microscope laser cut out of wood?! this design is amazing and would make a great gift for a teacher.

#6 Laser Cut Periodic Table by zhodster – Thingiverse

This periodic table would be the perfect gift for a middle schooler. It’s a puzzle so it will help them learn the elements in a fun way. this laser design looks to be for a more advanced user. Impressive and it’s now on my “to cut” list. What a great laser-cut gift. I honestly cannot believe this design is free.

#7 6 Packer by timogiles – Thingiverse

This laser-cut 6 pack makes e a perfect gift for the beer enthusiast in your life. You could easily stock this holder with root beer for your non-drinking friend! Love the detail and how cool would it be with a little personalization on it!

#8 Chess set #2 by OBUQ – Thingiverse

I don’t play chess, yet I love a chessboard. This would be a great laser-cut gift for the chess player in your life or the non-chess player who likes chess boards like me.

#9 Treasure Chest with Hasp and dummy padlock – for Glowforge by jbv – Thingiverse

I love this little treasure chest. This would make a great gift for anyone. Cut out this design and then enclose a gift inside.

#10 Makes for Grand Piano Music Box by thatjeddaguy – Thingiverse

This laser-cut grandpiano music box makes a great gift. You can purchase a music box insert on Amazon. You could get almost any song.

I hope you liked my selection of the best free laser cut gifts that you can find on Thingiverse. If you don’t have a laser cutter, why are you waiting? If you don’t have plans to get a laser cutter you can read about the best 3D printed gifts.

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Happy cutting or printing 🙂