3D Printed PInetrees

Christmas is just around the corner in December. Have you found a 3D Printed gift for mom yet? You should start now preparing and deciding what gifts you will be printing. Prints can take as few as an hour and other elaborate prints could take days to print. You know how finicky our printers can be, so start now. I did all the hard work and went through all the available free prints on Thingiverse. I chose my top 10 prints that I guarantee your mom will love for Christmas. Moms love homemade gifts. A 3D print is the best homemade gift you can give as a tech-savvy adult. I do all my printing on one Ender 3 V2 and two Aquilas. Below are my favorite 3D Printed gifts for mom that I have found this year.

#1 Lockable Present Ornament by jijimath 3D gift

This adorable lockable ornament box is the perfect gift for mom. Print it out and place a pair of earrings inside. You will have mom bragging to all her friends about your clever creativity.

#2 Christmas Tree Lamp by toolmoon – Thingiverse

This Christmas tree gives off all the vintage vibes. Mom will be sure to love the modern spin on a classic. this print takes a little bit more prep work with the different types of PLA and the lighting. Don’t add lights and it would still be a great 3D printed gift for mom.

#3 Six Swinging Stars Ornament by marcoalici – Thingiverse

This ornament is super simple and easy to make, but still classic in its simplicity. Print in different colors or coat it with snow spray or glitter spray to give this ornament some extra pizzazz.

#4 Starman Pixel Christmas Ornament with Loop from Super Mario Brothers (Single & Dual Extrusion) by j0hnnyxm4s – Thingiverse

This gift only works if you played Mario brothers as a kid. Moms will love this nostalgic gift reminding them of your childhood watching and playing this game with you. Print in yellow or try a glow-in-the-dark PLA.

#5 Diamond Tree by Elwin – Thingiverse

I Love the look of this low poly Diamond tree by Elwin. Snag the files now, because who knows how long it will be up. If your mother is into modern looks this tree would be a fabulous gift. The name is because it’s 3 stacked diamonds. Make sure you read the instructions and tips on how to print this for the best results. Definitely choose a silk PLA for at least one of the trees. I love this design and I would print 3 in different sizes and gift them together.

#6 Simple Christmas Tree by upperpeninsulaplastics – Thingiverse

This 3D print is the best idea for a newbie 3D printer. Very very simple design and yet still modern and pretty. You can print out a few in different sizes. You can gift as-is or you can take your print to the next level by framing it. Imagine this simple white tree on a green background framed in white. Frame a green tree on a white background.

#7 Christmas Tree Bauble Stand by Boby71 – Thingiverse

Love the idea of a 3D-printed ornament stand. Display a 3D printed ornament or a store-bought ornament. If you have kids this would be a great way to display an ornament they made at school or home.

#8 No-Supports Nativity Set by stockto – Thingiverse

I love this simple nativity scene. Print it in a solid color or print it white and hand paint it yourself. You can’t really go wrong with this gift if our mom loves Nativity scenes.

#9 Merry Christmas Diorama – Requested Hollowed Version (gift to all) by shermluge – Thingiverse

This print is for my advanced printers. This diorama is gorgeous and the design is so intricate. You can add an LED light to the bottom or search for the non-hollow version. This print will for sure make your mom show this off on Facebook.

#10 Winter in 3D remix by stokstad – Thingiverse

This might be my favorite 3D Printed gift for mom. I love the 4 layers to create dimensions of the 3D print. Very unique and you don’t see these types of prints often. I would make the scenes in white and the box in black. Such a cool design.

I hope you found this article helpful. Now you have ideas for the perfect 3D printed Christmas gift that your mom will love. If you want more ideas for 3D printed gifts for CHristmas check out my other posts! Below are my favorite 3D printed Christmas cookie designs!

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Happy Printing!