3D Printed Gifts for wine Drinkers

Most Useful 3D Prints For Wine Drinkers

When I was creating the post for Valentine’s Day gifts for her I came across many wine gifts. I decided to have a post dedicated to wine drinkers and wine-related 3D prints. Each of these has a useful purpose and would also make a great housewarming gift if you are gifting a beverage. While these are wine-related you can use them for non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Wine glass organization is important. I have a set of glasses stored under my shelving. It’s a wire holder, and it just doesn’t look as nice as these 3D printed wine glass organizers.

Wine Glass Holder Gyroscup

This is a fun gift and would make a great gift for a white elephant party. This is a gyroscope that holds a wine glass to prevent spilling. It is a bit extreme? Maybe… Is it fun? YES.

3D Printed Fridge Storage and Wine Bottle Holder

Fridge and shelving organizing to hold wine bottles is important. I purchased 2 acrylic holders in my fridge for $8 each and they take up so much space. 3D printing these holders would have been a cheaper solution. Not only are these cheaper but look how much space it saves. I will definitely be printing these out.

Wine Bottle Holder for my new kitchen by ps915 – Thingiverse

3D Printed wine bottle container

A bottle of wine is often a great housewarming gift. THese geometric holders will be the perfect accent to the gift. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing it is useful. You can stack the wine bottles easily with this shape. Love these holders.

Wine Glass Holder for Showers 3D Printed

For those who like to drink in the shower. This is a 3D-printed wine glass holder that is meant to add to the shower. Sip and Shower by 3D printing this design.

Wine Bottle Holder

How cute is this wine bottle holder? Simple, cute, and makes a great gift. This is a very quick print.

3D Printed Wineglass holder for bathtub

Candle light bath with a glass of wine a d book. THis wine glass holder is perfect for the bath lover.

Wine glass dishwasher support

I need this accessory for my dishwasher. You MUST use PETG filament or ABD for use in the dishwasher. My glasses always tip over and this attachment makes it so the wine glasses are straight in the dishwasher.

WIne Bottle and Wine Glass Holder

This wine glass caddy that sits on a wine bottle makes carrying your wine supplies easier. Love the modern geometric design of this caddy. Would be a great idea for a restaurant to carry.

Balancing WIne Bottle Holder

These 3D printed balancing wine bottle holders are great. This is one of the best 3D Printing Ideas For Wine Drinkers

Happy Printing!