cute 3D printed gift for teacher

Teachers always appreciate a gift. I am sure most teachers would love cash or a gift certificate along with a 3D-printed gift. However, if your child has more than one teacher gifts can add up. A 3D printed gift is a very thoughtful and economical gift. I compiled a quick list of my favorite teacher gifts. If these suggestions are not what you are looking for, please check out my other post on the best teacher gifts to 3-D Print.

#1 DNA Helix Pencil Holder by Jimbotron – Thingiverse

The first 3D printed gift for teachers. I found was this Double Helix pencil holder. This is a great 3D printed gift for a biology teacher. Download this free file from Thingiverse and then get to printing.

3D printed double helix gift for teacher
3D printed double helix gift for teacher

#2 Yet another Baby Groot Planter by jwehren – Thingiverse

This Groot planter is adorable! You can grab a cheap plant from your local florist and pop it at the top. Not only would the teacher love this 3D printed gift, but it would put a smile on the students’ faces.

#3 Desktop storage – Thing (USB,SD,etc.) V1.0 by zork7783 – Thingiverse

This is a great desktop organizer. I love that it has spaces for USB and SD cards! Currently, I have my SD cards in a jar. I need to print this for myself!

#4 Moai Glasses Holder by Mwolfley – Thingiverse

Does your teacher have reading glasses? If so this is my most favorite 3D printed eyeglass stand. Perfect for an art history lover.

5. Penguin Glasses Holder by Printing_Wise_865 – Thingiverse

Okay UI wasn’t going to list another eyeglass holder, but I couldn’t resist. It’s a great gift. If you are looking for a gift to print an elementary school teacher I would recommend this adorable penguin eyeglass holder! This makes a great 3D printed gift for your teacher.

If you want more ideas on the perfect 3D printed gift for your teacher check out my other posts. I don’t like to duplicate ideas so you will find unique gifts on these posts. Check out these posts for more 3D printed gifts for teachers.

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Happy Printing!